Irish Day - 17th March 2011

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1. How many people living outside of Ireland hold an Irish passport? 500,000
1 million
3 million
7 million
2. What is the second largest city in Ireland? Cork
3. Which creature did St. Patrick rid from Ireland? rat
4. In which German city is there an annual St. Patrick's Day parade? Berlin
5. Who is the current Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach)? Michael Martin
Eamonn Gilmore
Enda Kenny
Gerry Adams
6. Approximately how many Americans claim Irish ancestry? 14 milion
36 million
56 million
8 million
7. Which Irish actor played James Bond? Pierce Brosnan
Timothy Dalton
Roger Moore
George Lazenby
8. What was the name given to Ireland's economic boom in the nineties? Celtic Tiger
Celtic Bear
Celtic Sheep
Celtic Snake
9. What is the name of Ireland's largest airline? Easyjet
Aer Arann
Wizz Air
10. What is a 'bodhrán'? a foolish person
a traditional musical instrument
a stick used to play hurling
a name given to a Leprachaun's house
11. Which of the following famous actors is not Irish? Collin Farrell
Liam Neeson
Sean Connery
Peter O'Toole
12. Which of the following countries has the 5th largest Irish community in the world? Brazil
South Africa
13. What is the height of men in Johnathan Swift's fictional town of 'Lilliput'? Two feet
Four feet
Six inches
Three inches
14. What is the Irish word for 'hello'? chuaigh
dia dhuit
15. What is the name of a popular Irish dance? The walls of Limerick
The walls of Cork
The walls of Dublin
The walls of Belfast
16. How far has an Irish team ever advanced in the FIFA World Cup? Group stage
Last 16
Quarter final
Semi Final
17. Ireland's national stadium has a capacity of 83,000, what is its name? Pair Eireann
Croke Park
Landsdowne Road
Pairc Ui Chaoimh
18. What is one of Dublin's oldest landmarks? Dublin Tower
Dublin Castle
Dublin Manor House
Dublin Gaol
19. How many years ago did the Choral Festival in Cork begin? 42 years
12 years
32 years
57 years
20. Who are the native inhabitants of Ireland? Celts
21. What is the meaning of the colours on the Irish Flag? Green = Catholics, Orange = Protestants, White = Peace between them
Green = Grass, Orange = Fire, White = Purity
Green = Shamrocks, Orange = Carrots, White = Snow
Green = Cabbage, Orange = Hair colour, White = Skin colour
22. When did St. Patrick die? 17th March, 356
16th April, 563
17th March, 461
23rd May, 467
23. What is the biggest annual event in Ireland? Fairyhouse Easter Festival
St. Patrick's Day
Cork International Choral festival
Fleadh Ceol na hEireann
24. What are the most popular sports in Ireland? Hurling and Gaelic Football
Golf and Tennis
Athletics and Rugby
Basketball and Soccer
25. In which year was Guinness first brewed? 1867
26. In which county was Tullamore whiskey first distilled? Cork
27. During the Famine, how much did Ireland's population fall by? 10 %
15 %
45 %
25 %
28. In Irish history, what do the 'troubles' refer to? The Great Famine
The Civil War
The Northern Irelnad conflict
The economic crisis
29. What famous University did the Irish author Bram Stoker attend? Trinity
University College Dublin
30. In the Novel - 'P.S. I Love You', what terminal illness does Gerry die of? AIDS
Brain Tumour
He doesn't die
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